A dhurrie (also dhurri, durrie, durry or dari) is a thin flat-woven rug or carpet[1] used traditionally in South Asia as floor-coverings. In Rajasthan pit looms are also used for weaving in which weaver sits in a pit and feet are used in weaving. The maximum breadth is 24. Several important centres of durrie-making in pre-Independence Punjab are now in Pakistan; however, in present-day Punjab, the areas around Ludhiana, Faridkot and Bhatinda are fairly prolific and well-known. Dhurries made in Rajasthan at Salawas are known as Panja dhurries and are exported on large scale. Khairabad in Uttar Pradesh is a major dhurrie making centre. Citapore Rugs (Sitapur dhurries) made here are based on flat weave technique using horizontal looms. Besides cotton, jute, rayon and chennile dhurries are also made here and exported all over the world. IKEA and Agocha have been sourcing dhurries for their stores from this area.